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Mass Spec Detectives, Inc. supports service on a wide range of mass spectrometers and support equipment send us a email to for a cost effective quote.

  • AB Sciex: API2000, API3000, API3200, API4000, API5000, API5500 and all Q-Trap versions
  • Thermo: TSQ Quantum / Ultra / Vantage, LTQ, LCQ and Orbitrap series
  • Waters / Micromass: Quattro LC, Quattro Ultima, Quattro Premier, SQD, TQD, Xevo, TQ, TQS, QTOF1, Qtof 2, Qtof Ultima, Qtof Premier, Synapt.
  • HPLC: Alliance and Acquity series
  • Agilent: 1100 and 1200 series
  • Agilent and Perkin Elmer ICPMS Systems